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Backpack Safety Tips for Students and Parents

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Backpacks come in all sizes, colors, fabrics and shapes, and help kids of all ages express their personal sense of style. They are a popular and practical way for children and teenagers to carry schoolbooks and supplies.



Love, Hugs and Compassion

An Alzheimer’s caregiver’s story worth hearing.

Alzheimer’s disease and other associated dementias present a difficult challenge to families. More than 5 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s and it is the sixth leading cause of death.


Debra Thomas Alzheimer Caregiver

Gastroenterologists Are Well-Trained for their Specialty

An aging population will require more specialists to meet the demand for care.

A gastroenterologist is a doctor who specializes in treating diseases of the digestive tract, including the esophagus, stomach, intestines and colon. Most gastroenterologists also treat diseases and disorders of the liver, known as hepatology.